Since 2004, we have inspected more than 500 machines from more than 25 countries around the world including whole Europe, UK, USA, Japan and Singapore. Inspection process is firmly connected with many more questions and not just on part or one person.

An inspection service covers many related factors.

  • Thoroughly knowledge, information , experience & intelligence on the specific model
  • Price of main components of the machine
  • Risk factors while dismantle of the specific machine
  • Manpower availability for dismantle & installation
  • Complete project cost including
    • Power Stabilizer / UPS
    • Compressor
    • Foundation & Civil work
    • Mandatory CAD/CAM Software
    • Tools to start the machine
    • Taxes related with specific machine ( Anti dumping law )
    • Certificates required to clear the machine at Indian sea port.
    • Selection of the best sea port considering seller & Buyer locations
  • Spares parts availability ( Controls )
  • Controller language

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