The revolution in bending process OLMA panel bending centers allow, with their revolutionary sheet metal bending system, the realization of bends of any type, from the simplest to the most complex bend, by using the upper and lower bender movement. Such bender movement principle, which is an OLMA patent, gives exceptional features and uniqueness to these ma - chines, real unconventional solutions, compared to those already existing on the traditional panel bending market. The innovative principle of this patent concerns: upper bender and lower bender are individually operated by an electromechanical system with the interpolation of the two movements X and Y with respect to an origin defined by the section of the profile to be obtained

100% Automatic panel bending center The automatic solution allows the operator to have only to do the piece loading and unloading operations. OLMA ma - nipulator rotates and translates the piece towards the bend - ing position with extreme precision and speed. The piece production cycle is considerably reduced by this version, which is a valid solution to Customers with high productivity requirements. Thanks to the automatic tool changeover, the sectors of which the blank holder is consisted, can be arranged accord - ing to the type of bend to be carried out. After the carrying out of the bend, an angle checking detector that checks the correct width is activated. It is thanks to this device if even the first piece of a series is perfect.